LindiPuzzle circular easy printable sudoku type puzzle subscription

March 2020 Edition through August 2020 Edition, 6 month Subscription

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You will receive 30 LINDIPUZZLES and 30 LINDIPUZZLE Solutions every month for 6 consecutive months for a total of 180 Puzzles and 180 Solutions! You will receive your first monthly edition consisting of 30 puzzles and 30 Solutions when you place your order, and receive the remaining 5 monthly editions on the first of every consecutive month thereafter. Each month, you will receive a notification email stating that the current LINDIPUZZLE monthly edition is now available. ALL LINDIPUZZLES are PRINTABLE from the PDF files which are accessible from our online store. These PDF files are located in the Puzzles folders and Solutions folders after purchase. Print and play at your leisure! Order Now! We accept currency from around the WORLD! Please click on the currency selector for your country's currency. If your currency is not listed, USD ( US Dollars is the selected default currency).