Easy Printable LINDI variety circular or oval sudoku logic puzzle


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This Online Circular Sudoku type LINDI edition has 30 Puzzles and 30 Solutions which include 4 LINDI "10 number" and 26 LINDI "8 number" puzzles. This variety edition has 9 different types of LINDI puzzles that are PRINTABLE from the PDF files which are accessible online. These PDF files are located in the Puzzles folders and the Solutions(the answers!) folders in our store after purchase. After your order, a confirmation email will be sent to your email for immediate access to your LINDI puzzles. Print and Play at YOUR Leisure! We Accept many different currencies from around the WORLD! Please click on the currencies selector for your countries currency. If your currency is not listed, USD ( US Dollars is the selected default currency). To get started today, ORDER NOW!